5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Internet Speed

The Internet has officially become one of the necessities of the world today. It is not just millennial culture and Gen Z dramatics – the internet really does run the world now. From businesses to social connections, grocery shopping, and entertainment; everything is slowly evolving to an online platform. Whether we like it or not, the world has turned into a global village where everything is present at the tip of our fingers. We can get everything from pizza to toilet paper and handbags to bitcoin at the drop of a hat. All thanks to the vast world of the internet. It truly is nothing short of a miracle!

In a world where internet connection is such a big deal, almost every household has a viable broadband connection. Even so, after paying a hefty sum to the ISPs every month, you may not be having a fulfilling internet experience. It is not personal, just that at times we do not know how to get the most out of our internet subscription. It happens more often than we realize, especially to the less techy amongst us, with little knowledge of internet speeds and such. 

However, that should not be a bother anymore for in this article we discuss some of the most common ways in which you can juice your internet subscription to the max and get the best of your internet speeds. So let us get into it!

  1. A centrally placed router is everything  

A common mistake in most households is trying to hide the router in the farthest room possible or putting it away in cupboards. While the reason is clear; the router device can sometimes be unbecoming to the esthetic of your room or den, it is not a wise practice to do so. 

This is because the router needs a wide area to function and make effective Wi-Fi signals. Any roofing immediately on top of the router antennas can essentially dampen the signal and reduce both reach and efficiency. Hence it is vital for the router to be in a place more relevant to your everyday use. It could be the living room, your kitchen if you have an open floor plan, or something of the sort. 

Placing your router in a more central location of your house will make a good difference to your internet speeds. Your consoles, phones, and other smart devices will definitely heave a sigh of relief!

  1. Ethernet cables are still the fastest of the lot 

Ever since going wireless has become the new fashion, we often forget that wired cables still exist and with good reason too. Ethernet cables that plug directly into a device provide a faster internet connection than Wi-Fi, are more stable, and are not affected by other wireless devices. Sometimes it may just be a better idea to plug in your internet cable and just take your work from there.

Your router usually comes with quite a few Ethernet ports so you can spare a few to run a cable to devices that absolutely need a stable connection. These include your gaming consoles and a TV streaming box for the best experiences possible. Of course, Wi-fi works too; the Ethernet cable just works better at times and is more stable and reliable. 

An Ethernet cable internet connection to all your devices would be optimal for your personal entertainment experiences!

  1. Upgrade your internet speeds 

Perhaps, the reason why your internet is not going any faster is not because of a personal grudge – it just can’t. If your streaming box keeps buffering and makes you want to cry or your gaming experience is going downhill because of lags and poor connection; it may be time to upgrade your internet speed. 

Read up about what your ISP is giving you in what prices and check speeds to ensure you are getting what you pay for. If everything checks out but your experience is not getting better – consider replacing your ISP or upgrading to a higher speed internet. Trust us when we say this. It will be a worthy investment.

Xfinity internet deals are some of the best offers in town that you can get for your money. They hold good value for your dollar and give you better speeds than most ISPs out there. It would be a wise decision to check them out.

Wi-Fi extenders enhance the overall internet experience

Most wireless routers for Wi-Fi have an average range of 50 to 100 meters which is not a lot to go on. Especially if you have a large house with multiple stories and rooms, not all nooks and crannies of your house will receive internet. In fact, plenty of regions would be counted as dead spots with little to no Wi-Fi signals. And that right there is a recipe for disaster. 

You are paying for internet every month but what good is it if you cannot enjoy streaming a movie in your room a couple of hundred feet away from the router? Well, it is not good. And so, here is where Wi-Fi extenders come into play. You can install a couple of extenders around your house and they will enhance and strengthen the signal they receive. 

You can also consider replacing your router but we understand that it may seem like a daunting thing, not to mention quite weighing on your pocket too. In any case, Wifi extenders are your best bet. And they work like a dream too!

  1. A strong password works wonders 

It has been over twenty years since the iconic “You shall not PASS!” scene from the Lord of the Rings but it forever stays fresh in our minds.

The truth is that a strong Wi-Fi password is instrumental to keeping your network safe. It protects your internet connection from freeloaders swinging on it. A good Wi-Fi password is very important because otherwise, you will have people in your neighborhood piggybacking on your internet connection, using up your bandwidth, and exhausting your data limits. This may be the case right now too. When was the last time you changed your Wi-Fi password?

Choose a password for your internet Wi-Fi connection that uses uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special symbols, and let the freeloaders know that they too shall not pass!

Your internet speed will thank you!

To Conclude

Your internet subscription is your business and the speeds that you get are what you pay for. If you are not getting a premium experience with your internet service, something upstream must be glaringly wrong. And it is up to you to figure it out. 

Get internet Wi-Fi extenders and choose a strong password for your connection. Consider replacing your router or perhaps, placing it in a more central position within your house. If nothing else works you can call your ISP service station and pull a Karen on them. Who knows it might just work?

If all else fails, you may have to upgrade to an internet service or speed tier that is more worthy of your attention. You can explore more on the Xfinity internet deals that come with good high-speed internet connections at market competitive rates with huge data allowances and a 4K Xfinity Flexbox for unlimited streaming. 

It doesn’t get better than that.

For real!  

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