Top 7 Flowers To Say Thank You To Someone

We all need someone in our life to support, love, and care. We humans are fortunate to have such amazing relationships around us that make our life worth living. Our mother, father, brother, sister, wife and friends are a few relatives that stay with us and support us in every walk of our life.

Apart from them, we have colleagues who work with us, our maid who cooks for us and so on. There are many such relations that help us indirectly and make our life easier.

All of these relations should be given their share of love, respect and care. But most importantly, we should appreciate their efforts for everything they directly or indirectly do for us. Appreciation is the best way to encourage and show gratitude to the person who leaves no stone unturned for us. 

But we find it difficult to show our appreciation towards them even if we feel it in our hearts. So I have solved your problem in this article. Here I have listed a few flowers which you can use to show your gratitude to your loved ones. 

Flowers have been the best thing to choose as a present or a way to express emotions. You can express all kinds of emotions just by picking up the right flower.

So here we go with the list of different flowers.


Roses are the most preferred flower, and it is mandatory to keep them on the top of the list. Roses are available in different colours, and each colour has its own meaning. Just as red symbolises love and yellow symbolises friendship. Apart from red for expressing gratitude to your wife or mother, you can do a mix and match of other colours of roses. You can mix pink, white and yellow. They look stunning together. With online delivery available, you can send flowers to Kolkata as well. 


Such a delicate and gorgeous flower. It is best for expressing gratitude. They look so lavish and luxurious. Different colours of orchids can make a deadly combination to give to your wife for her support. You can get ready-made orchid flower bouquets online too. 


A gorgeous and royal flower that is considered the most expensive in the Netherlands. It’s a cup shaped like a Dutch flower and looks so elegant and classy. The red tulips are for love, but you can choose yellow or orange tulips for your boss to mentor you throughout your career. 

Sweet peas-

A cute looking small flower, sweet pea, can make an excellent choice for expressing gratitude. They look so beautiful and have such positive vibes enough to cheer someone’s day. You can get them for your sister for being your biggest support system and childhood best friend. 


A big, tight and beautiful chrysanthemum became one of the best choices for gratitude. There is a variety of colours available in them, so you can choose this for your husband for loving you always. They have a masculine personality, so it will suit them best. 


A white lily looks so elegant and is a symbol of purity. It has such beautifully shaped petals which make it look a bit feminine. You can choose a bouquet of white lilies for your girlfriend as a token of appreciation. You can attach a thank you card along with the flowers to be even more courteous. 


Daffodils are such bright flowers that can make eyes shine. They have charisma to make people smile just with a look. Yellow daffodils are best to give to your friend for being there in your hard times and always having your back. Your friend will really love to receive something like this from you. 

I hope now you know how to express your gratitude towards your loved ones. These flowers will be your greatest support. You can choose other flowers also. But make sure to select the right colour because the wrong colour can have a reverse impact.

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